The Galactosaemia affects one out of 55 000 newborns.


Newborns suffering from galactosaemia cannot process lactose. A milk-based diet leads to severe liver, kidney and brain damage, impaired vision, and, in some cases, even death. Yet if the illness is discovered within the first few days of life and treated by means of an appropriate diet, the child
will remain healthy.

Treatment consists of a strict avoidance of galactose, a component of lactose, which is present in human breast milk, cow’s milk
and other milk-based foods.

The disorder affects one in 55 000 newborns. There are two other forms of galactosaemia apart from the classic variety, but these are rarer and less serious.

  • Acute symptoms of classic galactosemia can be effectively treated by an immediate switch to agalactose-free diet. 
  • Lifelong low-galactosediet.
  • Long-term care should be given in collaboration with a clinic that is experienced in this area and can carry out the regularly needed tests and laboratory controls.
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